The nature of using deadstock fabric is that once we have used it all, we very rarely are able to source more of it. This is in part why we keep our collections small, and part of what makes each piece so special. Archived here are our favourite pieces from previous collections. 

GBIA: Spring 2021. This collection was the first time we released an entire collection at once, moving away from the model of piece-by-piece release. Inspired by a trip to Aotea (Great Barrier Island) in early 2021, this collection was centred around the way we step outside of the binary with such ease when we're untethered to our usual lives. Photography by Steven Acres. 


Winter 2021. Following the infancy of HAMS at the end of 2020, we release piece-by-piece designs throughout winter '21 as we moved to a new studio space, and realised our approach to design. 


Big sleeve dress, winter 2021