Size Selecting

Size is tricky, particularly for gender neutral clothing. When we are designing each piece, it is designed on a size 10 body - one male and one female. What this means is that every piece will look excellent regardless of what anatomy the wearer has, as is the goal of designing truly gender neutral clothing. 

Our sizes are listed as S-M-L, which can be roughly correlated to traditional non-gender-neutral sizing for reference. Below is a breakdown of the current collection's sizing guide. Please note, if you do not see a size to fit you below, you can DM or email us any time and we will tweak patterns as needed to size up or down. 

It is important to make sure you pick a size that you will be happy with - as everything is hand made to order we aren't able to exchange for another size. Our DMs and email is always open, and we are always happy to assist and advise on size selection. 

XS = Comparative to traditional women's size 6-8, or traditional men's XXS. 

S = Comparative to traditional women's size 10, or traditional men's size XS. 

M = Comparative to traditional women's size 12, or traditional men's size S.

L = Comparative to traditional women's size 14, or traditional men's size M. 

XL = Comparative to traditional women's 16, or traditional men's L.

If you would like specific measurements of pieces at different sizes, please get in touch! We are happy to help.